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SOS VIII Siren Operated Sensor Gate Sensor 911 Emergency Vehicle SOS-YDT

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This model has been replaced with the newest model. Click here for the new SOS-IX siren-operated sensor.

Remember if an emergency vehicle is trying to get through YOUR gate for an emergency call, they are trained to cut the gate right off. They do not wait for you to come open it, they cut your gate no matter the circumstances. The SOS is a great addition to any gate, and if you have been thinking about it and you still have not purchased one you will regret it later.

SOS VIII Siren Operated Sensor Gate Sensor

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This model has been replaced with the newest model. Click here for the new SOS-IX siren-operated sensor.

The SOS-YDT version stands for YELP/DECIBEL/TIME. It's programmed to respond to emergency vehicle sirens' "YELP" and open the gate in 2.5 seconds. If the emergency responder is not using the "YELP", yet the decibel level remains high for an additional 2 seconds, the YDT will trigger the gate to open. This version will therefore respond to the "wail" or any consistent sound producing 4.5 seconds of high decibel. The SOS-YDT is proximity adjustable, and has switch able safety options built into the circuit board.

The SOS will open gates to emergency vehicles with the yelp signal. It has a convenient sensitivity feature that allows you to change the sensitivity based on the distance on the gate to the road. So that a emergency vehicle driving down the road doesn't accidentally open the gate. This emergency gate access sytem allows you to sleep safe wit

Fire/Police/EMS/911 responders, open gates with Siren's "Yelp" in 2.5 seconds (all sirens in 4.5), hands free…No codes to remember or keys to lose. A reminder decal on the gate tells responder to hold siren on for swift entry.

Gate owners pay only a reasonable fee for safety & peace of mind!!! Mandate that your gated communities be uniformly 911 "respond able". Tens of thousands now in use! Compatible with all gate operators. Protects property and loved ones. Pass the good word. Homeowners who are gone when the fire breaks out will be glad you did.

Siren Operated Sensor is used at any gate to allow for emergency response vehicles (Police, EMS, Fire) to enter without having to damage the gate. An emergency vehicle needs to approach the gate and use the “squalk” siren feature used on all emergency vehicle horns. This allows the gate to open, and the emergency vehicle can gain immediate entry.

Top New Features of the SOS VIII

New Processor: Siren detection is more accurate than ever. The SOS VIII comes equipped with a new processor to reduce false triggers and inaccurate signal reads.

Redesigned Potentiometer: Now you can adjust the sensitivity of the SOS VIII's siren detection with even greater ease and precision. The settings are clearly marked -- and with nine of them, you can fine-tune the unit's siren detection sensitivity to your exact specifications.

Simpler Programming: The SOS VIII is equipped with five switches to customize the length of time the gate remains open after being triggered. Keep it open a few seconds or up to 2 hours. Or if you prefer, keep it open until the reset button is pushed. Programming your customized settings is as easy as flipping a switch.

External Reset Button: Need to reset the SOS VIII after use? Forget fiddling with screws. No more having to remove the
cover. Just push the new external reset button and save yourself the hassle.

Siren Test CD: The SOS VIII package now includes a CD recording of an emergency responder "yelp" so you can test the
unit and adjust the sensitivity settings to your preference.

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