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Resinet Barrier Fence

Discount Fence Supply is proud to offer Resinet Barrier Fence. This tough barrier fence has so many uses, including but not limited to:

  • Construction warning barrier
  • Sporting Events
  • Landfill debris control
  • Access roads
  • Airports
  • Highway departments
  • Ski areas
  • Indoor maintenance
  • Sporting Events
  • Farm areas
  • Landfill debris control

With so many types of barrier fence, you can find exactly what you need. Most types come in various colors, from green, blue, and orange, to black and yellow. A standard 4' x 100' roll weighs in at an easy 23 lbs; this makes it easy for a one or two person set up. Thick or thin, light or dark Discount Fence Supply has the right Resinet barrier fence to fit your needs!

With Resinet barrier fence, you can get a fence that sticks out, or a fence that blends right in. You can get a noticeable color on a thicker/wider fence, or a more subtle color on a thin fence. Resinet has created a fence for every need, while they all are durable and incredibly tough.

Why get a Resinet barrier fence? Resinet barrier fences are some of the strongest barrier fences out there. They can bend to resist damage but remain strong enough to stand up to wear and tear. Resinet barrier fence was designed to have low wind drag to reduce the stress on your fence and keep it stronger for longer.