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SportPanel Installation Instructions

Installing your SportPanel outfield fence is simple with our instructions.

Measuring and Marking Your Field

Before installing, we recommend that you mark and measure your outfield. Once you have decided on the position of your home plate and the distance to the outfield fence (Generally: 200ft - 32 panels / 250ft - 40 panels / 350ft - 56 panels) we suggest that you mark the end of the foul line where it will intersect with the outfield fence. We also suggest that you mark the outfield fence distance directly in centerfield (in front of the home plate).

The SportPanel fencing panels will be positioned in an arc from foul line to foul line, around the centerfield marking (see diagram below). We suggest you begin with the fence panels in centerfield and work towards each foul line.

Installing The Panels

Position each fence and place 2 anchoring wickets (included) or sand bags on the protruding feet. The wickets will prevent your panels from tipping forward and will provide additional stability to fence sections on windy days.

Insert flexible foam connector pieces into the top rail of each section, between two adjacent panels. This will keep panels in line.

Outfield Fence Diagram