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Option Lock Privacy Slats

Option Lock Privacy Slats for Chain Link Fence

Option Lock Privacy Slats give you more options, not only are there different colors available to fit your needs perfectly; but you can choose to lock your slats in on the top or bottom of your chain link fence! Option Lock Slats add the extra privacy and class to your chain-link fence that all your neighbors will be jealous of!

Discount Fence Supply provides only the best products; Option Lock Slats are made from high quality Polyethylene, a durable substance that can stand the test of time and use. It's color will not fade and can stand temperatures as low as -76° while staying flexible, and up to 250° without distortion. Harsh weather conditions and most harsh chemicals are no match, including, but not limited to: salt water, sand, road dirt, most acids, alcohol, alkaline, ammonia, petroleum distillates and common environmental pollutants. Option Lock slats are ribbed, making them even stronger and thicker than your average fence slat. These tough slats have a breaking point of 3,700 psi, perfect for every fence!

Not only are the Option Lock Privacy Slats durable and classy, they are so easy to install and come in 9 colors: White, redwood, black, royal blue, forest green, dark brown, beige, gray, and sky blue. Discount Fence Supply provides FREE Option Lock sample packs to help you decide which color is best for your fence and tastes.

OptionLock™ carries a 25 year limited warranty to the original buyer against breakage under normal conditions.